If you’re looking for a nursery and/or primary school for your child we’d like you to consider Agape International Bilingual Nursery & Primary School, AIBNPS.

We have excellent facilities set in the outskirts of Douala, in a calm and cool environment. This makes our school different from other schools because we are closer to nature.

We have built a foundation that makes them stronger and more confident in themselves as individuals. This gives them an understanding of how important it is to recognize that they are part of a community that depends on respect for all its members and what each of them has to contribute.

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Localization and attractions

and standards

Our mission is to ensure that every child is equipped mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. We believe that every child has something to contribute in the society.


Social clubs

We provide weekly social activities to help children free their mind from classroom work. We have dedicated social clubs and activity staff that help our kids get the most of their leisure time throughout the year.

Natural environment

At AIBNPS, we think our outdoor environment is as important as the indoor environment for optimal learning. Our outdoor environment has helped support our pupil’s ability to commune with nature.


Our core focus is to create delicious food with both fresh and seasonal produce. We ensure that they get the best dining environment. We devise healthy menus with well-balanced and nourishing meals.

Free Wi-Fi

Our school provides free Wi-Fi for teachers, administrators and students in their computer room. This gives our teachers a variety of new teaching options and ability to tailor lessons and presentations for pupils.


Physical activity helps children become healthier, smarter and stronger. Our school’s playground is large, well-equipped and a beautiful place with green grass all around it. Our school’s gardeners ensure it’s always kept clean.


Our school library is a companion guide on how good our school is. We have an inspiring collection of books, regardless of content area, that help pupils learn more and get better grades with higher scores.

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    We make them value some virtues that may have gone out of fashion in today's community like honesty, charity, trust, respect, diligence and consideration.