Our Staff

Our dedicated staff

Our teachers inculcate in the children learning activities on daily.

It takes a lot of patience, tolerance and a positive mind to achieve your goals especially when it comes to teaching young ones. Our teachers never get frustrated, hence our pupils don’t get frustrated when they can't get it right.

They know that with determination and the positive mindset of our teachers, they will set the ball rolling. There is no satisfaction like that of helping a child out in solving their problems. At Agape International Bilingual Nursery and Primary School, we feel such satisfaction is the fuel behind our driving force.

They encourage peer-to-peer learning and team work such that our pupils feel comfortable when a peer explains concepts to them. This let them to also create their own learning experiences, hence we don't force learning on them. It should come from within.

They demonstrate dedication to fostering a positive learning environment to all pupils and maximizing individual pupil performance. We are confident that teachers’ background and relevant experience will is a valuable asset to help all children excel, no matter their level.