About the school

What distinguishes

Highly qualified teachers

Individual attention given to each child

Adequate health arrangements with a paediatrician

If you’re looking for a nursery and/or primary school for your child we’d like you to consider Agape International Bilingual Nursery & Primary School, AIBNPS. We have excellent facilities set in the outskirts of Douala, in a calm and cool environment.

At AIBNPS, we have a combination of reputation, attitude and tradition. It has to do with the kind of standards - moral and educational - that it stands for. It has to do with its relevance to the world in which we operate and the ability to equip its pupils with what it takes to face that world and grow up in it successfully. We prepare our pupils to become happy and fulfilled individuals and members of the community. Our school different from other schools because we are closer to nature.

Like any responsible parent or guardian, you’ll be looking for a stable education and life’s foundation for your children. We build a foundation that makes them stronger and more confident in themselves as individuals. This gives them an understanding of how important it is to recognize that they are part of a community that depends on respect for all its members and what each of them has to contribute.

We make them value some virtues that may have gone out of fashion in today's community like honesty, charity, trust, respect, diligence and consideration.

Our mission is to ensure that every child is equipped mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

What makes us different

We believe that every child has something to contribute in the society. We believe that it is possible to bring to surface the natural God-given talents and intelligence of each child. We provide a quality education and has been operating for the past 10 years.

We have the relevant accommodations for an enhanced learning environment. We know very well the level of understanding is different from one people to another. Children with learning disabilities are well taken care of with unique methods used in teaching them.

The aim of any teacher is to reach all learners. They don’t ignore the slow learners. Our goal is for all our pupils to be at the same level without any of them falling behind.

Our teaching style at AIBNPS demonstrates dedication to fostering a positive learning environment to all pupils and maximizing individual pupil performance. We are confident that teachers’ background and relevant experience will is a valuable asset to help all children excel, no matter their level.

The first and most important step in helping a child learning is motivation. At AIBPNS, we motivate all our pupils within (intrinsic motivation) and from without (extrinsic motivation). We break down tasks and instructions into bits that can easily be carried out and remembered. We encourage peer-to-peer learning and team work such that our pupils feel comfortable when a peer explains concepts to them. This let them to also create their own learning experiences, hence we don't force learning on them. It should come from within. We carry out intensive learning and constant repetition but add variety.